You And Your Brunch!

written by Fred Mwithiga 21st May 2015

Everybody has a favourite brunch menu item. You order it every time you go out for brunch, you make it home when you’re too lazy to go out, and you sometimes order it when you’re at work. Favourites are good and all, but you need to try something new once in a while. Be adventurous, set your tastebuds free and explore the wonderful world of food that brunch has to offer. Here are delicious meals you can order, or make the next time you’re out brunching!

1. Eggs Benedict

If you live life to the fullest and you haven’t had an eggs benedict, you’re doing it wrong. If you love a bloody mary cocktail with your breakfast, you should most certainly pair it with your eggs the next time.

You And Your Brunch!

2. Avocado Toast

Maybe you’re the chilled, down to earth person. You aren’t as outgoing or as loud as the rest of the world and that’s okay. The world has enough loud mouths. The avocado toast should be your next order when you go out to brunch. It isn’t loud. It’ isn’t shouty, it’s as composed and as relaxed as you are.

You And Your Brunch!

3. Croque Monsieur

You’re awesome. The world knows it, you know it, your goldfish knows it. But you aren’t proud. You appreciate the little things in life, you’re grateful for what you have, your family and friends. You’re as cool as they come. The croque monsieur is just for you. Just as awesome as you are.

You And Your Brunch!

4. Shakshuka

You’re a foodie. You keep up with the trends and you know what each chef is preparing before he even prepares it. The Shakshuka is for you.

You And Your Brunch!

5. Waffles

Simply irresistible. Everybody loves you. You are witty, smart, beautiful, you’re outgoing and you have a pet hedgehog called Joey. If that sounds like you, and you are female between below 25, leave your number in the comments and I’ll get back to you. Seriously though, waffles are for you or anybody aspiring to be like you.

You And Your Brunch!

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