Budweiser Budvar: A Beer With A Story

written by Liz Maelane 2nd October 2014

Kenya—the sacred land of Tusker—has proved challenging for many a beer-newcomer in the past. However, as a country diversifies, there’s no harm in variety.

The town of Budejovice

The town of Budejovice

Enter newest arrival: Budweiser Budvar, or better known as just “Budvar”. Its American namesake, “The King of Beers”, often forces the brand to explain itself. Budvar’s story is as layered as its complex flavors: having been brewed in the town of České Budějovice, Czech Republic from as early as 1351. In the late 1800’s—when many were fleeing to the promising shores of America and subsequently missing the flavors of Europe—beer exporting from European towns like České Budějovice became popular. Emigrant, Carl Conrad would later come up with the idea of imitating European brews instead of importing them. Soon after, the production of the České Budějovice-style beer was signed over to Anheuser-Busch – the brewery that still produces American Budweiser today. Budvar is still brewed in Czech, using their 700-year-old method. Suffice to say that today; they are two completely different creations.

Budvar Now Available in Nairobi

The Budvar Range Now Available in Nairobi

The Budweiser Budvar range—now available in Kenya—consists of 3 products: B: Original, B: Dark and B: Strong. B: Original is Budvar’s premium pale lager. It comes off delightfully malty and crisp – probably because it is made using the purest water from artesian wells. It is great by itself or when paired with pork or lighter dishes like fish and chips. B: Dark is popular for its smoky taste and appearance, and complements hearty stews and salty meat cuts extremely well. B: Strong is for the strong, sitting at an ABV that’s 2,5% higher than the other two. It is best consumed ice-cold and beyond the welcomed bitterness is citrusy and sweet.

Be it their rich history or their lagers, once sampled, you’ll always remember Budvar.


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