Burger Challenge KE- The Results are Out!

written by Tahir 15th May 2013
Mikul Shah, CEO of Eat Out Kenya and Entrepreneur, has added a new title to his business card – “BURGER KING” – after defeating CapitalFM’s resident foodie Susan Wong. The two of them challenged each other to see who could eat the most of Brew Bistro’s largest burger – dubbed Nairobi’s Largest Burger. After all the smack talk and jabs, Eat Out’s CEO crushed his competition by eating 350 grams more than Susan.
The competition lasted a gruelling one hour. Mikul Shah started with the bun and slowly made his way through the burger patties, while Susan went straight for the patty. At one point they both stopped to appreciate the onion rings and try to digest the burger.
“I feel like my food pipe (Oesophagus) has become my stomach”- Mikul Shah.
By the end of the competition both challengers were rendered immobile. “I can’t even sit straight!” – claimed Susan, as she pulled the plank position on a chair.
Chef Tim’s burger has yet to be conquered and has clearly defeated both Mikul and Susan. However, Mikul’s plate weighed less and thus winning the title and bragging rights as Burger King!
Are you Man or Woman enough to take the challenge at Brew Bistro? Every Tuesday at their BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) Evenings.

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