Burger King Campaign Slammed For Controversial Ad

written by Faiza Hersi 6th June 2017

The latest Burger King campaign ad in Belgium simply did not go according to plan. What started as a campaign strategy that was meant to be an interactive, fun marketing stunt before the release of Belgium’s first ever Burger King at the end of June, ended up as a huge marketing fail. The ad contains a cartoon image of King Philippe contrasted with the Burger King mascot asking: “Two Kings. One crown. Who will rule? Vote now… ”


A spokesman issued a statement to BBC saying “We disapprove of this approach. The use of the King’s image is subject to authorisation,’ the spokesman added. ‘In this particular case, we received no requests. Since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorisation.”


Belgium law requires that companies contact the Royal Family if they would like to use a picture of the monarchy, even if it is in cartoon form. This implies that the Burger King campaign may technically be illegal thereby halting the voting campaign on the website.


Burger King is looking into the situation and is “deliberating on how to proceed” as a result of the Royal Family’s disapproval, according to Reuters.


I mean, who  would want to loose their crown to a Burger King mascot despite its fictionality? Imagine this scenario in Kenya. Do you think our Head Of State would feel the same way about such a campaign by Burger King?

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