Business Daily: Hot Desk Cafes For Working

written by Winnie Wangui 25th August 2017

Good Wi-Fi, amazing coffee and the option to eat good food – those factors are what make for a great cafe to work in. Nairobi is definitely the city of the “mobile office” with its great cafes that allow for productivity and focus even when you’re working remotely. Here’s our pick of great coffee shops and restaurants for working (and of course a bit of eating in between).

Artcaffe (All Branches)

Located in various malls across Nairobi, there’s always bound to be an Artcaffe near you. Artcaffe branches are always bright, light-filled cafés with a fresh, modern and cosy environment. They are known for serving the freshly brewed coffees, tea, hearty dishes and a wide selection of desserts and pastries at affordable rates. Their wi-fi is always reliable and you’ll never be rushed.

Artisan Spring Valley Coffee 

This boutique cafe roasts their gourmet coffee daily to make the best coffee you can possibly taste. Whether you prefer to grab a packet of beans to grind at home, or sip a delicious cup of coffee with a warm pastry, Artisan Spring Valley Coffee will make sure you get your daily fix!

 Brioche (All Branches)

This European style bakery with two branches- and a new one opening soon at the UAP Towers in Upperhill, provides delicious pastries that will cure your sweet tooth craving. If freshly baked pastries and a steaming cup of coffee sounds like your morning, you need to head down to Brioche.

Connect Coffee

This unassuming yet warm and welcoming coffee shop brews their own unique coffee with their own homegrown blends that support local farmers. They are open daily from 8am to 6pm plus, they have an online shop where you can buy their various coffee blends.

 Java House (Across the country)

One of the largest coffee chains in Kenya with multiple chains around Nairobi, Java prides themselves for being one of the finest producers of hand-roasted coffee and freshly prepared home style food with great Mexican dishes too. It’s hard to walk around a corner in the CBD and not find a Java branch. These are your go-to work cafes downtown.

 Leaf and Bean 

With over 75 premium leaf teas and a variety of coffee beverages, Leaf and Bean is growing a unique aspect of Kenya’s cafe culture: tea. Each item on the tea menu at Leaf and Bean is accompanied with a serving suggestion (with or without milk, iced) and the staff are happy to help guide you through it.

 News Cafe 

More popular for their vibrant cocktails, News Cafe branches come to life in the evenings. In the mornings however, they offer great breakfast deals, and a relaxing ambiance where you can respond to pressing emails as you dig into a delicious English breakfast.

 Secret Garden

Boasting of a healthy menu, the intimate restaurant offers a serene ambiance perfect for catching up on some work. From fresh juices to pastries, sandwiches and salads, their menu provides an array of light snacks and hearty meals. Secret Garden gives you a chance to sip your latte, catch up on your latest book and momentarily take in the abstract paintings when you lift your head up for some air.

Tin Roof Cafe 

This tranquil gastro-cafe offers an impressive range of salads, toasted sarnies and healthy sweets.  Located away from busy malls in the quiet, green space, Tin Roof provides a simple ambiance where you can pop by and have a breakfast meeting.


Wasp & Sprout 

This boutique coffee shop will whip you up gourmet meals in a rustic homely ambiance. Wasp & Sprout stand for African living and use organic products. Make sure you try their waffles served with organic Kenyan honey whenever you pop in

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