Business Daily: Places To Order Lunch From In Nairobi

written by Winnie Wangui 13th January 2017

Sometimes you wake up late and your day starts off in a rush to get to work and get things done. The hurry tends to make you forget a bunch of stuff, packed lunch being one of them. Other times you may be swamped with work and leaving your desk for lunch seems impossible. Whichever it is, lunchtime at the office can be a very mundane affair especially if you haven’t the clue on where to order fresh and wholesome foods from when you don’t have your packed lunch with you.
Here are some places you can order in from without having to leave your desk:


Salads, pizzas, pasta dishes, juicy burgers, smoothies, these are just a few of Artcaffe’s myriad of meals that can be delivered straight to your desk. Should you have a celebration at the office and you need pastries, freshly baked cakes or desserts, all you need to do is place your order 48 hours before to ensure punctuality. Contact them on 0709202020.

Big Square

If you are looking to satisfy your fast food craving or indulge on your cheat day, square burgers, fried chicken, barbeque ribs, fries or onion rings from Big Square will hit the spot. What’s even better is the fact that they have numerous branches around Nairobi guaranteeing fast delivery. Call 0701 112 112 or book online from their website.


Finding healthy delicious meals at pocket friendly prices and having them delivered to your desk can be difficult. With Ki.Chen, you get fresh healthy meals such as salads, spicy chicken wings, sandwiches and vegetarian options at an affordable cost. Delivery time is one hour from the time your place your order. To order, call 0701 950 000.

Afghan House

Afghan House, famed for their delicious baklava, tasty curries and their Afghan dumplings use traditional recipes infused with their own personal touch, guaranteed to set your taste buds ablaze with flavour and keep you coming back for more. Call 0717 781 815 to place your order.

Ole Pizza

This recently opened pizzeria provides wood-fired pizzas with a creative twist thanks to their talented chef. The nyama choma pizza and the double bacon burger pizza are a must try especially this month where they are having a buy one get one free offer on pizzas. Their delivery service is available from 11AM to midnight every day. Call + (254) 20 390 1000 to order.

The Good Food Company

If you are looking for nutritious and healthy options, The Good Food Company’s menu should be your go-to. They offer Italian, Oriental, Indian and Kenyan cuisines. Whether you want a light salad, a sandwich or a heartier meal, their variety of options will leave you spoilt for choice.To place your order, call 0721 471 881 or order from their website.

Ohcha Noodle Bar

Ohcha is your one stop shop for a quick Southeast Asian meal at an affordable price. Their menu features everything from Vietnamese style sandwiches to an array of Southeast Asian noodles and soups. Contact 0713 606 060 to order.

Hashmi Barbeque

Hashmi is known for their delicious barbecue options; however a little known fact is that they offer delicious vegetarian comfort food. With their unique homemade tikka sauces and spices, their paneer rolls and paneer tikka, their meals will have you addicted from the first bite. To order, call +254 733 721786.

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