Caffeinated Perspective

written by Yummy Editorial 2nd August 2016

Payal and myself are avid travelers and wherever we go, we’re always looking for a great coffee shop.Luckily for us, good coffee is something that is increasingly available worldwide and there always seems to be some great coffee shop within a five-mile radius of wherever we might be.

While Kenyan coffees are highly prized and renowned across the world, our coffee culture scene has been a bit slow to catch up. Until recently a large percentage of Kenyans primarily consumed large quantities of tea and popping out for an espresso or a latte at the neighbourhood coffee shop was all but unheard of. Today, however, much as with the rise of interest in craft cocktail and microbrewery beer establishments, boutique coffee and tea shops are increasingly sought after by gourmet Nairobians who won’t settle for any old cup of joe.

cup of coffee isolated on white background

Given the fascination both Payal and I have with international trends, we have decided to compile a list of new coffee developments that we look forward to seeing on some of our favourite Nairobi baristas’ coffee bibles.

  • Nitro Coffee – cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas straight from the tap! This is a phenomenal revolution as there is absolutely no heat involved and the coffee tastes like silk.
  • Matcha Tea – this new kid on the block is here to stay. Packed with three times as much caffeine but equally propelled with antioxidants and healthy attributes, this version of green tea is increasingly popular with gym junkies and becoming a great alternative to coffee! We recently tried heaps of Matcha variations in Japan, it’s packed with flavour, but still not on our top list of favourites.
  • Alternative milks – it seems every other person we’ve met recently is either dairy or gluten intolerant. Gone are the days where skimmed or whole milk were the only milky options to grace our supermarket shelves! Cafés should start stocking non-dairy alternatives such as soy, coconut and almond milk to keep up with the increasingly discerning Kenyan demand.

caffeinated persective

  • #Joffee – this contemporary new rival to cold coffee will soon be trending on every instagram account worldwide. The rise in crazy flavoured coffee has resulted in this juice and coffee hybrid! 2015 saw the infusion of flavours that ranged from lavender lattes to maple walnut coffees. We wonder what other crazy concoctions will be devoured this year!
  • Babycinos – our kids today are growing up in a world drenched in coffee culture. Modern coffee shops have already caught onto this trend featuring items such as Cotton Candy Frappes to Red Velvet Lattes!

We definitely fall under the OCD category (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) and both start our day with a cup of coffee. Payal’s first choice is our Zen Macchiato although she constantly dreams about having a Vietnamese iced coffee. My new obsession is a mug of freshly brewed black coffee, although I can’t wait to try nitro coffee and hope it lands in Kenya soon!

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