Business Daily: All You Can Eat Seafood At Ole Sereni

written by Fred Mwithiga 6th November 2015

Depending on where you live, Ole Sereni can either be a stone throw away or a 30-minute drive. Yes its on Mombasa Rd and that maybe slightly a put off but with Nairobi National Park as your view over dinner, I could care less. The view is a stunning one, especially from the Big Five restaurant that sits on the first floor of the luxury hotel. Pop in on a Friday night, sit outside near one of their heaters, stare into the vast expanse of the national park and prepare your taste buds for a thrilling night ahead. The interior décor at Ole Sereni is spectacular. From the large cheetah glass statue at the entrance to the grand staircase that leads to the upstairs lobby and restaurants, the hotel has a touch of class unique to itself.

All You Can Eat Seafood At Ole Sereni

The All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Fridays at the Big Five Restaurants is one of the best buffet offerings I’ve been to in Nairobi. They have a large offering of sushi, mussels, fish dishes as well as steak, grilled lamb and more should you ever feel the need to indulge in more. With all these delicious selections, I was literally spoilt for choice! I wanted to try every single item. Plate in hand, appetite in check; I was ready to take on the buffet. I started off with a bowl of butternut soup. I’ve always been slightly evasive of butternut soup because I’ve never had one that I’ve quite enjoyed. This one however, was a game changer. It was neither too thick nor too light. It was well balanced with a slight kick from the black pepper that gave the soup oomph. I was off to a great start and I couldn’t wait to get started on the seafood.

All You Can Eat Seafood At Ole Sereni

The seafood selection at the buffet is one that will have your pallet thanking you for days on end. From mussels to sashimi and sushi, I was in for a good time. The sushi went down in no time. I was impressed. The sushi was delectable, fresh and burst with flavor from the moment it touched my tongue to the moment it found its way to my stomach. Once that was done, I decided to indulge in a hot meal. I had to try the Oro fish and creamed mash potatoes with spinach. Having never eaten Oro fish before, I wanted to surprise myself and try something new. So as I sat at my table with my fork and knife in hand, my taste buds danced in anticipation. It was impeccable. The fish was out of this world. Rich in flavor, taste, and texture. Coupled with the creamed mash potatoes and spinach, it made one of my favorite meals in a long time. I savored every bite and I was dying for seconds but I was well fed and feeling full. Diner isn’t complete without dessert and who was I to back out of a sugary send off.

All You Can Eat Seafood At Ole Sereni

Their dessert section is equally as popular as their food section so you better make sure you get one of their delicious treats before they end up disappearing in front of you. Make sure you try their chocolate cake. You can’t go wrong with it. The Big Five at Ole Sereni is one of my favorites hands down. The ambiance, the service and the food are nothing short of mediocre. Take out the whole family this Friday and get ready to indulge in a seafood buffet like no other.


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