Can Kenyan Bloggers Cook?

written by NonieMG 15th April 2012

The monthly BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) meetup is usually a happy hour. Last month, however, the organizers and sponsors decided to shake things up a bit and host a Koroga Challenge at Caribea. Now for those not familiar with the Kenyan tradition of a koroga, it usually means you go to a restaurant (that’s usually outdoors) and they provide you with ingredients and cooking tools to make your special poison. Congratulations to team Kahonge who won a wine hamper by narrowly beating team Njeri based on a judges choice. Teams were judged on appearance, creative use of ingredients and taste.

Team Leader Njeri with one of the judges


Team Leader Kahonge showing off his goods



Team Njeri’s Chicken Biriani


Team Kahonge’s Spicy Rub Potatoes


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