written by Jeannette Musembi 21st May 2012

It’s been almost 2 months since the Sungold Sunrice Super Chef Challenge Season 2 took place at the Corner Affair Bistro. Sponsored by Bidco Oil Refineries, it was quite an exciting competition, filled with the most interesting contestants and lively crowd alike.Yummy caught up with the winner and the first  runner up of the challenge to find out what really happened behind the scenes on the day as well as have a one on one with the two culinary geniuses.


Is cooking a sport/ hobby for you or have you pursued it professionally?

Cooking is just a hobby and I have not pursued it professionally. Since I was young, I have been watching my mother cook and indeed she is an excellent cook. My father and my brother also have had a great influence in my interest in cooking. I have been actively cooking for the past two years and I have taken a keen interest in developing my skills in cooking different cuisines and enjoy trying new dishes.

What dish got you into the sunrice super challenge?

When I registered for the challenge, I was informed by the organisers that I had to prepare a dish that contained rice. For the first round, I prepared a rice drink that was my own creation made from pineapples and rice. I called it “Pinomche” which was a combination of the words Pineapple and Mchele. I also cooked Coconut Prawn Curry with Lemon ginger rice on a bed of banana leaves and a dessert which I called “Death by Rice”. I believe the judges were very impressed with my food, my presentation and especially the rice drink and that’s what got me into the super challenge.

Did you think you would make it that far in the competition/if so why?

Because my participation started out as a joke, I did not think I would make it that far into the competition and I was very surprised when the organisers informed me that I had made it into the 2nd challenge round.   But as we progressed into the competition, I became more confident and prepared with my cooking.

What was the unforgettable highlight from the competition?

The most unforgettable highlight from the competition was when I was announced the winner. I wasn’t expecting it and I was up against two women who I thought had done an amazing job with their dishes. I had a rush of emotions and I will never forget the overwhelming support that I had from the crowd.

If you had to do it all over again what would you change?

Cooking wise, I would change my tidiness and cleanliness on the table tops. While I clean after myself when I cook at home, the time during the challenge did not allow me to clean up after myself.Competition wise, I feel that the crowd and the supporters should be allowed, for a few minutes, to walk around the contestants and see their cooking skills and how they are cooking.

Where do you like to eat most?

My favorite restaurant would be Mediterraneo and Spurs, especially on Thursday’s during their ribs offer.

What can we look forward to in the future from you? 

That’s a surprise! Watch this space!


Is cooking a sport/ hobby for you or have you pursued it professionally?

Cooking is a hobby for me, i began cooking at the age of 8years and with interest in cooking i learnt more each day individually.

Have you ever participated in any culinary challenges before?

No , Superchef was my first ever competition.

What dish got you into the sunrice super challenge?

A cold sunrice chicken salad dish.

How did you find the experience to compete against other culinary artists at the Sunrice Super Challenge?

Superchef was a great and enjoyable experience for myself and competing against other culinary artists was challenging though motivating to perform more.

Which of your competitor’s meal did you find most impressive?

The creamy coffee bean dip prepared by one of the finalists impressed me the most.

If you were given more time to come up with a meal, would you do it any different?

I would stick to the same meal but would slightly go easy on the spices.

Which is your most favorite cuisine to indulge in when you are out of the kitchen?


Where do you like to eat most?

Hashmi & Mediterraneo.

Did the competition benefit you in any way?

It definitely boosted my confidence to cook in front of spectators and to cook/garnish under time pressure.


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