Change is as Good as New at Kivulini Restaurant

written by Jeannette Musembi 27th May 2013

Kivulini, located at the Wasini luxury homes just a few minutes from Westlands, is just as its Swahili name suggests- a welcome relief from the frequently scorching and fast-paced area of the CBD. Yet a few months back, this was not the case. Famously known as La Terrazza, you would only enjoy the confines of the restaurant if you had a scheduled appointment; security procedures were overly tight at the time. Fortunately under the careful eye of the management, this has all changed and the newly refurbished ‘La Terrazza’ now known as Kivulini, is open and very welcome to the public.


The Wasini establishment is quite accessible from the road with the guards on duty happy to usher you in. Parking is ample and quite safe and as you walk towards the restaurant, a short footbridge built over a man-made pond will at once catch your attention. Aesthetically built with small fish darting in every direction in the water, it will be difficult not to stop for a while and get mesmerized in the moment.


A smartly dressed waiter emerges from inside to immediately offer us a table. You can either choose to sit by the serene poolside or at their alfresco dining area on the terrace overlooking the pool, which subtly reminded me of a holiday gateway. The seats here are plush and inviting and the atmosphere automatically switches you off to a relaxing mood.



The menu is a fusion of continental dishes. For starters, the Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup was absolutely divine, the taste was creamy and smooth and the aroma completed the delicious ensemble.


The Oriental chicken wings are worth a try; they were quite juicy and tender dipped in a light spicy sauce.


Other selections included the Greek salad of which was quite a generous portion.


For the mains, sample the Spaghetti alla carbonara, which we all agreed was done quite by the book by Kivulini’s Chef, Chef Jackson. A tricky meal to execute, the dish is made up of a mixture of crispy bacon, garlic, beaten eggs, Parmesan cheese and cream tossed with al denté spaghetti. It was smooth and didn’t have a single curdle.


The Cajun Butterfly Chicken, marinated with seven spices served with potatoes and a red pepper sauce, was simple and moist.  The Pork Chops, prepared in a “secret” marinade and glazed with honey was paired with a sweet and tangy delicious homemade barbeque sauce with fresh pineapple. With these plenty of scrumptious meals to choose from, we were tempted to order everything from the whole menu, not forgetting the dessert menu which was absolutely tempting to the taste buds.


The prices are a bit heavy on the wallet; with the average cost of a meal totalling to about 1,850Kshs per person but the experience is worth the cash. You can also enjoy Kivulini’s barbecue night, which happens every Friday night for a minimum fee of only 950Kshs, a pocket friendly alternative for a fun night out. All in all, Kivulini can make for a nice family treat, a night out with friends or just a lovely evening dinner with your other significant.

For online bookings please log onto www.eatout.co.ke/Kivulini

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