Charcoal Flavoured Gelato, Anyone?

written by Winnie Wangui 21st June 2018

Picture this, you head over to a gelato stand and discover a gelato flavour that is black in colour. Curiosity strikes you, “What flavour is this?” you ask the attendant. ” “This is the charcoal, coconut ice cream. Would you like a scoop?”  Excited and intrigued, you get a scoop of the black ice cream on a cone. As you’re about to have a taste, you find yourself wondering how charcoal is ingestible and what benefits it may have.

Charcoal is becoming an interesting food trend in Nairobi with Nyama Mama’s Charcoal Pit cocktail and now Zucchini’s charcoal, coconut ice cream. This ingestible charcoal is referred to as Activated Charcoal and has actually existed since the old days when it was used as a form of medicine to treat accidental poisoning or drug overdose. Currently trending as the latest detox trend, activated charcoal is a by-product of burning coconut shells wood or other plant materials. In the emergency room, charcoal works by binding to a drug or toxic chemical in the stomach before being absorbed into the body. While it is believed that charcoal is a detox agent, and also aids in teeth whitening, no research has actually proved it.

Nyama Mama’s Charcoal Pit Cocktail


While we haven’t tasted Zucchini’s new dark-hued gelato, we sure are curious to try it and find out how it tastes. All we know so far is that it is a fun new flavour to experience. We, however, wouldn’t recommend having it on your first date unless showing off your black teeth is what you’re after.

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