Check Out These Top Pizza Moments On TV

written by Winnie Wangui 31st October 2018

Pizza plays a huge role in our lives and films and TV shows are proof that we can’t live without pizza, The fourth annual Nairobi Pizza Week is happening at over 40 participating restaurants in Nairobi and as you grab your two for one deal, why not binge-watch these movies and TV Shows as you indulge in your cheesy pleasure.

Home Alone

home alone pizza

Kevin is left behind by his family and he does what any nine-year-old would do-order a ‘very cheesy pizza’


friends pizza

You can be sure Friends will never lack the mozzarella laden love in every other episode, in fact, if you’re a fan we’re sure you can recall Joey Tribbiani had a special love affair with pizza

Ninja Turtles

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Ninja Turtles. They are known to have the weirdest toppings on their pizzas, from chocolate chips to jelly beans and marshmallows, so if you thought pineapple on pizza was bizarre, these guys were the kings of bizarre pizza toppings.

Breaking Bad

Did you know that Walter White managed to throw this extra large pizza on the roof in just one take? This was in an attempt to fix his marriage with a pizza peace offering. His mission failed and that’s how the pizza landed on the roof.

Sex and The City

For a show whose set was located in New York, it only made sense to have the cast indulge in pizza. After all isn’t New York famed for having the best pizzas in the world?

Gilmore Girls

These two ladies were bonafide foodies. From fancy dinners at Emily’s or Sookie’s to pizza deliveries ever so frequently. A classic scene is during Lorelai’s birthday when Rory tries to get her mother the world’s largest pizza- a crane had to carry it.


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