A Cheeseburger With Bun Made Out Of French Fries

written by Yoga David 10th January 2014



Look no further there is this burger bun that is made out of French fries that was pasted together to conform to your cheeseburger needs.

Dude Food’s Nick on how to make The French Fry Bun found a bag of frozen French fries at a local grocery store, he then sifted through the batch, finding a handful of fries he could use.

Next, using an edible adhesive, he glued the fries together he then used a knife and glass to cut the fry-patty into a circular shape. Then what did was to add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a burger.

Yes, it ends up being a bit more work than just going to your local store and buying some hamburger buns, but if one can keep that mentality then you may end up having a bacon-weave.

Our hope is that this concept can make it in Kenya for vegetarians and those who don’t fancy bacon or rather bacon-weave for that matter.




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