Chef Maliha is the First African Female Chef to Break Guinness World Record

written by Yummy Team 19th August 2019

Kenya’s Mombasa-based Chef Maliha has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking competition, in the individual category. She cooked for 75 hours straight to beat the previous Guinness World Record of 68 hours, setting a new record on August 18th 2019.

Her record-breaking cooking was based on 400 recipes of local and international cuisines. Her first in a series of trials leading to this particular win was in May this year. Chef Maliha prepared 100 recipes non-stop in a period of 36-hours. She followed it up in July with 200 recipes in a 54-hour non-stop period before eventually going for the record-breaking 75-hour time.

Chef Maliha at the Guinness World Record competition

Chef Maliha was excited about her achievement. She spoke to the press saying, “I thank God, my family, Pwani Oil Company and everyone who contributed to my success of bringing this title home. I am happy to be the first female chef in Africa to earn this title.” She was supervised by officials from the Guinness World Record.

The food she prepared for the Guinness World Record competition will go to feed families in orphanages and to charities around Mombasa.

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