Chef Profile: Nixi Sandhu

written by Yummy Team 23rd April 2019

The Yummy Team is always on the lookout for chefs who bring nothing but excellent food to the table. We were lucky to get a minute with Chef Nixi Sandhu who gave us a short bio and a whole lot of recipes courtesy of Fay.

Photography by Dipen Popat

Inspired by my father’s love for food and coupled with my mother’s exotic recipes I embarked on a culinary journey. It ignited in me a passion to not only taste great food but to create it, and through food, make memories and put smiles on the faces of those who walked into my life…after all, food is all about making people happy. So I became an amateur chef. I use the word chef because we can all be cooks, we can cook our everyday home meals robotically. To be a chef, though, means having an element of creativity and passion, which drives you to create edible fantasies of all sorts precipitating feelings such as love, passion, sweet memories and so much more.


Recently, I have undertaken my #passionproject and am aspiring to get my name out there in the foodie world by taking orders for some of my kitchen creations and hopefully soon starting out a little venture for me and you to look forward to #thesassyspoon. 

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