Chef Roeland Klein at Pango

written by Ami 16th March 2012

For one week only, Pango Gourmet Brasserie is hosting Roeland Klein, a seasoned, Michelin starred chef from the Netherlands. Chef Roeland harbours a distinctive and innovative approach to French cuisine style that brings elegance and flair to food. Nairobi is quickly becoming the epicentre of gastronomical quality, invention and development within East Africa, which can only mean better food, service and ambiance for restaurant goers. Another development we are seeing within dining establishments is an increased use of local produce and adapting menus based on seasonal availability. Chef Roeland also seems to embrace this concept with a focus on using fresh market produce and combining ingredients and flavours to bring simplicity, smoothness and lightness to each dish.

So from 19th -24th March, don’t miss the opportunity to explore French Cuisine and the art, tradition and way of life that it exemplifies. Only at the Pango Gourmet Brasserie.

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