Business Daily: Comfort Chinese Food Delivered To Send The Chills Away

written by Winnie Wangui 9th June 2017

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and your day starts off on the wrong foot. From waking up late to the insane Nairobi traffic, we all have experienced days when almost everything is going the opposite of how we would like it to go. On such days, we tend to forget a lot of stuff and most times, lunch is one of them.

Other times, you may be working late in the office or you are just lazy at home and cooking doesn’t sound like good idea. It is days like these when ordering for a food delivery makes everything easier and better.

The Garden Restaurant and Bar at the recently opened Lotos Inn and Suites on 19 Mpaka Road Westlands recently started a delivery service of their traditional Chinese cuisine. Since we are located within the same area, and I felt like a Chinese meal would lift my spirits, I decided to try out their delivery service and ordered for lunch. The food arrived right on time at exactly 1pm, nicely packed and hot.

The meal consisted of two soups; sweet corn soup and chicken noodle soup, vegetable rice noodles, fish in black bean sauce, vegetable balls in brown sauce and egg fried rice. The warm sweet corn soup whet my appetite with its thick texture and sweetness. The chicken noodle soup was a hearty treat and the fact that it arrived hot on a chilly day warmed me up from inside. The soups were served in large portions which I shared with my colleagues.

Chicken Noodle Soup

The vegetable balls in brown sauce were rich in flavour and densely packed with minced vegetables. The brown sauce made the vegetables exciting and savoury and if I didn’t know better, I’d have thought there was meat inside them. Thanks to the perfect blend of ingredients, the fish in black bean sauce was flavourful. Combined with the creamy egg fried rice, it was a satisfying meal that made the cold rainy day bright. The vegetable rice noodles with mild chilli was also a filling dish that I felt can be taken on its own without an accompaniment.

Vegetable balls in brown sauce

Fish in Black Bean Sauce

The cold weather is with us and there’s no better way to keep warm than by having hot Chinese food delivered to your office or home. The Garden Restaurant has an extensive menu featuring dim sum, Chinese barbeque, noodles and a wide array of seafood, pork, beef chicken and tofu dishes as well as vegetarian options and soups. Plus their portions are generous, so much so, I got to carry some leftover food home. To request for a delivery, contact them on 0780918918.

Vegetable Rice Noodles


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