The Chinese New Year Wine Picks

written by Andrew Onyango 11th February 2015


Finding a wine that pairs well with Chinese food is always interesting especially because the cuisine of over one billion people varies not only in flavour but also in style and preparation. Here are a few suggestions of wines that pair well with Chinese food.


Blue Nun Rivaner

This German wine made of the Rivaner grape is an excellent white wine that compliments the sweet and sour spice blends in Chinese food. The natural sweetness of the wine with its well balanced acidity goes well with the exotic flavours of mango, coconut and ginger that is most commonly found in Chinese food.

Available from MIA Wines.

Blue Nun Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wine lovers will appreciate this red from the Loire Valley in France. The temperate climate in the South of France gives this wine softer tannins which, for example, compliments the strong flavours in
Peking Duck and Lamb/Beef dishes. This semi sweet with lots of fruit on the nose, compliments the spicy nature of Chinese foods.

Available from MIA Wines.

Hardy’s Stamp Cabernet Merlot

This Australian wine is medium bodied and showcases flavours of blackcurrant and dark cherry. These are complemented by the sweetness and complexity of subtle oak.

Available from The Wine Shop.

Hardy’s Stamp Chardonnay Semillion

A medium-bodied wine that showcases flavours of fresh citrus and tropical fruit flavours; complemented by a creamy texture with a smooth and delicate oak finish.

Available from The Wine Shop.

Marques De Concha Y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon

This deep red combines the flavours of unctuous cherry, cassis, cedar and blackberry. Tight and focused with a deep concentration of flavours framed by firm tannins. It has an almost silky texture which masks the firm tannic structure beneath.

Available from Viva Global.

Marques De Concha Y Toro Chardonay 2013

This light yellow Chardonnay combines richness with elegance and vibrancy. The notes of this ripe, delicious wine include white pear and toasted hazelnut. Deeply concentrated with silky texture and layers of ripe, opulent fig, pear and mineral flavours, it finishes with a long and vibrant character.

Available from Viva Global.

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