Coca-Cola Recipe Finally Found?!

written by EatOut 14th May 2013

A man from Georgia, America believes he has found a copy of the top secret Coca-Cola recipe from 1943.

Cliff Kluge loves finding and selling antiques and stumbled upon the recipe after he and his wife, Arlene, purchased a set of papers from a recent estate.

Several ‘clues’ such as direct references to Coke ¬†and similarity to a recipe for Coca-Cola found by a radio program “This American Life” in 2011, have Kluge convinced it is infact the original recipe.

Kluge has posted the paper on eBay for a starting bid of five million dollars or a ‘Buy now’ price of 15 million dollars but hasn’t had any takers so far.

Without a direct response from Coca-Cola the authenticity of the recipe remains unclear however Ted Ryan, an archivist for Coca-Cola told Atlanta’s WXIA station that he believes the recipe is for a cola-type drink but not Coca-Cola

Check Out what Cliff Kluge has to say!

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