Cocktail History: Some Of The Greatest Moments

written by Yoga David 4th November 2013



Throughout times, cocktails, and consumers’ attitudes towards the cocktails have undergone radical changes.

Through 17th century gin craze to the much detested 21st century global financial meltdown, here are some of the biggest moments in cocktail history.

In the rich tapestry of drinks history, there is a dominant thread dedicated to cocktails. This is arguably the segment of the industry which has seen the most frequent and exciting innovation.

With technology advanced and different cultures collided, consumers have developed more adventurous tastes in drinks.

Since the 19th century we have had cocktail pioneers educate people about how spirits can be mixed with any number of liquids; this usually intrigues the senses and exciting the palate.

While some of the listed moments might seem obvious, others have subtly negated the course of drinking culture for generations to come.

Check out some of BIGGEST MOMENTS IN COCKTAIL HISTORY slideshow by The Spirits Business

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