Cocoa Farmer’s Delight After Tasting Chocolate For The First Time

written by EatOut 16th August 2014

Cocoa Farmer’s Delight After Tasting Chocolate For The First Time


Ivory Coast may be the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans, the main ingredient in chocolate. But most farmers in the farms of Ivory coast who harvest the cocoa beans have never set their eyes nor can afford to buy the finished product, a chunk of chocolate.

The chocolate industry is worth an estimated $110 billion dollars a year, CNN has reported. Wealthy areas of North America and Europe consume most of the world’s chocolate, while most cocoa beans are grown in West Africa

A Netherlands’ based network Metropolis TV to a journey to one of cocoa farm in Ivory Coast earlier this year to interview the farmers about the setback.

The average cocoa farmer lives on less than the equivalent of $2 a day, while under 5% of the price of the average chocolate makes its way back to the farmers, according to Oxfam.

Metropolis TV gave some of the farmers’ a chunk chocolate to hold and taste for the first time. Check out their responses on the viral video below

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