Coffee anyone? 5 Snacks To Go With Your Next Order

written by Yummy Team 6th May 2019

You might be headed to a meeting or you’re in a hurry to get to the office and you decide to have a cup of coffee. You can have it in a restaurant, on the go in your car or as you walk to your destination. Coffee is great on its own but goes better with something on the side. Here are snacks that will go perfectly with your next cup of coffee.

Beef samosa

Beef samosa

You can never go wrong with a samosa. Get a super-sized one from Java House and you’ll be good to go. It will taste great with your coffee and fill you up so that you don’t have to count down the hours to lunch. 



Photography by Unsplash.com


If you’re looking for that hit of awesomeness early in the morning, pretzels will do the trick. You can have them dipped in chocolate or just have them plain. You can get them from selected Naivas stores or Mr Pretzels at Two Rivers Mall.



Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies make everything better and chocolate is something we can’t resist. Chocolate chip cookies are easy to prepare at home but if you find it a bit daunting, you can get them from Carrefour stores. You can devour the cookies at your office as well.





If you have been to Art Caffe, you have probably had some of their sumptuous croissants. They also go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. After work, this can be your snack as you catch up with a friend or during a meeting.






Photography by Unsplash.com


A bagel is the original coffee snack. We could be wrong but you should definitely head to Coffee and Bagels joint located at Lenana Road in Kilimani and tell us if you still don’t agree. You can spread the love that is butter for a more wholesome serving.



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