Top Coffee Spots In Lavington

written by Yoga David 5th August 2015

Oh coffee! A fresh hot cup of coffee just jolts you up giving you life and energy that just makes you want to do so much, right? It’s even better if you have your go-to place right within the neighbourhood, and where the waiters know your order before you even slump into a chair waiting for you caffeine fix.

Whether you’re looking to take away a cup, a place to have a meeting over coffee or a place to catch a quick breakfast, these restaurants and cafes in Lavington are the top places that should be on your radar:

The Arbor Place

top coffee spots in lavington

Located at 904 James Gichuru Rd, this restaurant boasts of being an eco-friendly garden cafe. They have a diverse menu selection providing tasty meals and treats. You could  choose to dive into their tasty sandwiches and various types of coffee for breakfast or indulge in their fantastic lunch  menu featuring among other delicacies, smoked salmon carpaccio, calamari rings and fresh salads.

Artcaffe Lavington 

Top Cafes in Nairobi

Located on the ground floor of Lavington  Mall, it provides great coffee, a full service menu and a bakery shop filled with tasty treats. Sample their great coffees such as Capuccino, Machiato among others and pair it with the sweet treats, chocolate or almond croissants. A breakfast dish featuring the English or Norwegian breakfast, or pancakes served with fresh fruit salad and syrup will have you energized and ready to face the day. They also have a well stocked cocktail bar so in case you need to spice things up, you could order their signature cocktails as you chat with friends and family.

Java at Valley Arcade.

Java house Nairobi

Known for introducing the gourmet coffee drinking and café culture in Nairobi, Java at Valley Arcade has spacious seating areas perfect for business meetings or catching with a group of friends. Their menu consists of classic burgers, fries and shakes and a unique Mexican menu you just have to try.

Monikos Kitchen

This is the perfect place if you are looking for a casual, intimate setting.  Some of the items on the menu include baguette sandwiches, pasta dishes, sweet pastries and desserts  and specialty Kenyan Coffee Brand- Ransley’s  Coffee. A taste of their fresh fuit salad would also go a long way in making your meal complete. They also have an innovative wine list and a full bar.

Monikos kitchen

Vida E Caffe

With over 72 branches in South Africa, four in Mauritius, one in Kenya and other outlets in various countries, this establishment is inspired by the sidewalk cafes of European cities. Vida provides freshly baked pastries and coffee prepared to the European standards and is a perfect spot for hanging out with friends or family. They also have an insane loyalty program where they return five percent of what customers spend.

top coffee spots in lavintog

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Cake Hut Ltd 5th September 2014 - 5:35 AM

What do I need to do to be listed in Eat Out?

Yoga David 5th September 2014 - 7:35 AM

Hi Cake Hut! Please send send an email to sales@eatout.co.ke and you will be assisted on listing.

Shana Amin 25th October 2014 - 9:08 PM

Cake hut has great cakes .. I’ve tried them and I think their cakes r better than Java and more affordable..I’ve even told them that everytime I get their carrot cake for my little girl.yummy


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