Creativity Level- Scientifically Accurate Planetoid Cakes

written by Njoroge Muigai 30th September 2013

Artists never cease to amaze with creations they conjure up with their incredible skills. Rhiannon, a self taught chef from Australia, is a specialist in making planet cakes.

She has made a niche in baking them to such sheer perfection to the extent that they are not only tasty but scientifically accurate as well. Did I mention that she is a self taught chef! and a Zoology graduate!

The amazing chef bakes the cakes with such informative detail that she even  portrays  the layers and crusts  of the planet in the photos below of Earth and Jupiter

For the layers within the planets she uses powder; to draw continents o the |Earth liquid and gel paste as well as the swirls of Jupiter.

Ingredients for Jupiter’s theoretical rock/ice core are mudcake and almond butter which serves as the liquid metallic hydrogen while the liquid molecular hydrogen is actually a layer of colored vanilla.

This is a perfect example of educational food concepts that are good for the body and mind.Checkout the video tutorial here Spherical Concencentric Layer Cake Tutorial




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