Crème De La Crème

written by Michelle Slater 8th September 2015



This month we are proud to bring you the official wrap up of Kenya’s most prestigious food and beverage awards ceremony . Each year this star-studded event— increasingly dubbed the Oscars of food, provides the opportunity for our country’s top bartenders, chefs and restaurateurs to come together under one roof to honour the industry’s finest and brightest..

It’s always fascinating to see those that shape our industry step away from their comfort zone in order to celebrate one another’s achievements. August 31st saw DusitD2 Hotel host many a well heeled and fabulously dressed guest. People from all over the industry came together through a shared love of food and drink and a desire to innovate and keep up with the increasingly discerning tastes of Nairobians today.

The crowd’s enthusiasm during the People’s Choice Awards was close to ecstatic. For over a month members of the public had been voting for their favourite establishments and when the final results were announced, cheers and excitement rumbled through the audience. The Gold Awards, which were selected by an expert panel of judges, got hearts beating in anticipation and the tension running up to the each award was palpable. I won’t reveal too much about the winners here, as I’d rather allow my lovely team to do so in our special Taste section, but there is one winner in particular that I must mention, as his name has been on the lips of all foodies since the awards.

Chef Doxis roared with joy when it was announced he would be taking home the coveted title of Chef of the Year. While his appearance is somewhat deliciously distracting, all the judges agreed that this gentleman’s love of food combined with his colourful approach to his cuisine, made him stand miles above the rest. This month he graces our cover (you can thank us later ladies) and we profile two of the ingeniously crafted dishes that won him his title during Taste’s first Chef Cook Off. Not only were his creations inspired as he explored the mystery ingredients provided by the Taste team but his vibrant personality, passion of all things local and an innate flair, laced each of his dishes. Be sure to read more on page 28 and 30.

So what now? You might well ask. Well given that the Taste Awards always seem to come and go so quickly, we have a surprise for you: EatOut along with our sponsor Nederburg will be hosting a series of events at the Top Twelve Gold Restaurants in what we’ve dubbed ‘Fine Dine Week.’ In a few weeks time you will be able to sample tasting menus, created by our city’s top chefs, paired with Nederburg wines, at all winning establishments for a very pocket friendly price. The core purpose of this is to allow you, our diehard foodies, to set foot in as many of our very best venues without breaking the bank. Be sure to keep an eye on our Yummy blog for more information on this and other news from the Taste Awards.

Congratulations again to all establishments recognized by Taste. You’re the reason we foodies thrive and our waistlines expand in gleeful response. Cheers!

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