Crogel: The Latest Croissant-Bagel Hybrid

written by Yoga David 24th January 2014



Last time we talked of Know Your Frenzy Food Trend and Fad, now we have a new food fad, that is a combo of the croissant or the bagel.

Two weeks into ushering the year 2014 a Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard’s, came with a new way to bastardize breakfast with their newly bagel-shaped croissants.

The Crogels is the new name, it sounds a little too close to “kegel” for our tastes.

The process apparently involves kettle boiling and hearth baking the dough, which results in somewhat “crispy on the outside, and somehow buttery and flaky inside!” In other words, it’s exactly like a croissant.

Savory croissant sandwiches are nothing new, but just asking who needs to spread their cream cheese and lox over a hearty bit of mille-feuille nothing?

Just, wake us up when someone comes up with a deep-fried croissant pancake, ok?


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