CRUZ For #NRW2015

written by Eugene Mburu 9th January 2015


Cruz Vintage Black is a true luxury vodka. Super premium handcrafted vodka is distilled 5 times and charcoal filtered 3 times using the finest american grain. This new entrant in the Kenyan market is undeniably all the talk of the town with Vodka drinkers and we are honored to have them join us celebrate the diverse tastes of Nairobi in this year’s, Restaurant Week  which will run from January 22nd to February 1st.

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2015

If you  are in the mood for a vodka cocktail then CRUZ and their skillful mixologists will be on location to serve up their flavourful and one of a kind cocktails at discounted prices. You can have yours dabbed with their nostalgic Candy flavoured Vodka, the sweet Caramel Vodka or their plain Vintage Black Vodka.

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