The Danish Chef With A Thai Flair

written by Eugene Mburu 14th October 2014

His story begins like all others. Having studied at the Copenhagen Culinary School, Chef Morten Nielsen Bojstrup worked his way up the ranks earning a name for himself at only 39 years old. He is of Danish decent but begun dabbling in Thai cuisine to make himself more marketable. He worked with Chef David Thompson at the London restaurant Nahm, which was recently voted number 13 of the world’s 50 best restaurants by San Pellegrino. He also worked in Bangkok at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin.

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He initially moved to Thailand for what he thought would be 6months but ended up staying for 2years. He fully immersed himself in the Thai culture and local cuisine in order to have the most authentic of experiences and learning. He even got a tattoo on his forearm in Thai that translates to “mad about food” while he was there.

Chef Morten - passion for food

His cooking observes creative, modern and contemporary techniques without compromising the traditional Thai flavor profiles and ingredients. He insists that although he has reinterpreted the traditional look of Thai Cuisine, he maintains its textures and flavors. The meals may not look Thai at first glimpse, but their tastes still carry the heart of authentic Thai cuisine.

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