Savour Delicious Smoothies at Drinks Factory

written by Yoga David 16th April 2015

Conveniently located in Westlands, Nairobi, Drinks Factory is one of the Cake City outlets serving a wide variety of Fresh Fruits Juices, Smoothies, Coffees and Milkshakes. Just to sample out a few of their delicious juices and smoothies they are inviting you to try out the following cocktails.

Rocket Fuel (Classic Smoothie)


This smoothie is made from fresh fruit extracts of Mango, Pineapple, Apple and Lime. It’s incredibly mouth watering and leaves your mouth with a fresh tropical taste with a perfectly zingy hint of lime.

Tropical Teaser (Cocktail juice)

Savour Delicious Smoothies at Drinks Factory

This is freshly squeezed cocktail of made of fresh fruits like Mango, Tree Tomato, Apple and Passion. It is served chilled and is sure to leave you feeling all kinds of healthy!

Savour Delicious Smoothies at Drinks Factory

Be sure to make a date with Drinks Factory if you want to savour the freshest and most delicious smoothies and juices in town.

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