Delight Yourself At These New Restaurants

written by Yummy Editorial 23rd July 2018

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Located in the CBD, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is the perfect spot for a quiet evening after work, a business meeting or even a coffee date ! Espresso Chillers, Specialty Chillers, Iced Tea and Fruzies are some of the beverages that you will find on their menu. Drop by and get a cup, or two.

Burrito Goodness Hits the Alchemist

Burrito Bar has moved location and is now at The Alchemist, Westlands. This Mexican restaurant serves freshly made burritos, churros, nachos and tacos. They open every day from 12pm to 10pm. Make a date with a friend and chomp down on these mouthwatering treats.

It’s a Trademark

Trademark Hotel has recently opened at Village Market and it comes along with a spanking new restaurant called Harvest. Their creatively crafted menu includes a variety of dishes such as Coquillettes Pasta, Genoa Style Minestrone and the special Harvest Salad. Pop in and give it a try.

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