Dessert Spotlight: Game of Cones

written by Tatiana Karanja 14th October 2018

Tatiana Karanja gives in to her cravings and sets out to find the best ice cream our city has on offer.


What made my experience here incredible were the Palettas (Mexican handmade ice treats) which are either water or milk based with each pop being made with three ingredients. I really loved these not only for their vibrant colours but also found them to be very refreshing and bursting with unique fruity flavours, my favourites being lemon biscuit, tamarind and apricot.

Mambo Italia

When you order their gelato, expect different and unexpected rich flavours that pair so beautifully together. Some of my favourites pairings from their menu include Guiness and gold, raspberry and tomato vinegar as well as the calabrian liquorice scoop. Since they are always playing around with different flavours, they have a new menu addition that absolutely blew my mind: vanilla soft serve with chilli pawpaw chutney, raspberry sauce and toasted almonds on a puffed rice cone. The Chilli chutney packs a kick that lingers at the back without being overpowering and is salty yet sweet, while the raspberry sauce is fruity and tangy, and the whole inventive combination is unexpected but truly divine.


The ice cream display at Zucchini is oh so tempting…like a cloud you can’t help but want to jump into. My favourite here is the lemon and mango ice cream. Lemon flavoured ice cream, done right, is my goto. I’m generally not fond of sweet mango treats, but this fresh and tart combination is simply lovely. It’s exactly what you want on a hot day – simple, refreshing and delicious!

Planet Yogurt

They have an array of flavours like salted caramel and strawberry but I am an all natural froyo kind of girl. Here is how I do it: I start with a creamy natural froyo base then top this with whatever I desire on that day whether that’s fresh fruit or a chocolatey sea of brownies, sprinkles and all that extra goodness. I also like to add gulab jamun as I am a sucker for Indian sweets. Really, this is the perfect place to experiment with flavours and textures to create your perfect froyo of the day.

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