Five Ways To Detox Differently

written by Yummy Editorial 8th December 2015

Amy Selbach takes on a different approach to detox with five simple and practical tips that you can apply to diet, fitness, work and relationships- all for a happier and healthier you.

A different Kind of Detox

Detox by definition is the elimination of something toxic. Toxicity is often associated with darkness. The act of cleansing is associated with just the opposite, returning to white, light and bright states. On a personal level, if we take inventory of where darkness is pervasive and actively focus on where there is room for light to enter, we would all live much happier lives.

Think of all the times your have woken up in the morning and uttered a statement starting with “I wish I hadn’t….” or “Why in the world did I…?”  Often we have said it more than once about the same things. This is usually a good starting point for weeding out “the dark.”

If we looked at all the areas of our health and wellness where we could expel the habits that make us feel guilty, depressed or unhealthy and could replaced them with habits that make us feel lighter (literally and figuratively) it would be a true detox Not to mention, it would be a more positive, holistic and a potentially lasting way to approach it.

Sadly, detox programs are these days marketed as quick fix, taking just days to accomplish. Once finished, you resume your old toxic habits and are no better off than when you started. A true detox for lasting results involves adding good habits and crowding out bad habits. Here are five tips that you can apply to diet, fitness, work, and relationships:

  1. Take the first step…literally: Most people who were successful with losing weight added exercise and movement before addressing their diet.  They loved the results they were getting with the exercise component and wanted to accelerate and enhance that through diet.  One good habit leads to another.
  2. Clear the clutter in other aspects of your life to create time and space. Organize your closet, pantry of junk food, email inbox, etc.  You will marvel at how much lighter you feel almost instantly. This clarity will empower you to do things that are actually good for you and let some light in!
  3. Make a “Stop-doing “ list and take actionable steps to follow through. This instantly allows for things that are good for your soul to come into your life, eg exercise, healthy cooking, quality time with friends and family.  The biggest impediment to people’s diets for instance is that they don’t have time to prep food and cook healthy meals.  The truth is that cooking a healthy meal may only takes 20 minutes give or take, but that 20 minutes can feel overwhelming when you’re surrounded by chaos.
  4. Food is medicine and health starts from the inside out. Make a list of healthy foods that you love.  Instead of depriving yourself of everything you enjoy eating all at once, you will be inspired once you see all the healthy foods that you actually love and see the impact eating that has on your wellbeing. When you don’t choose the foods for yourself, it makes it harder to stick to a healthy diet. I find that when people simply start to incorporate more of the good stuff that they love, they automatically eat less of the unhealthy food they used to crave.  The better you feel the more you want to keep doing what works.five ways to detox differently
  5. Find things that makes you feel light, happy and fun. Do those more often.  I for instance find it impossible to be stressed, critical or sad when listening to the music I love and dancing.  In a nutshell, visit your “happy place” regularly, not just every once in a while. Make a list of all the things that make you feel great and practically schedule them into your life.

Amy Selbach is the owner of Taut Body Fitness Studio in Village Market.  She is a certified holistic health-coach, fitness trainer, Pilates instructor and the creator of the Taut Body program that has helped hundreds of her clients lose weight and completely change their health. Details at www.tautbody.com or email amy@tautbody.com.

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