Discover the Award-Winning Simpils Beer

written by Jean Wandimi 7th October 2014

With the craft beer boom that is currently happening worldwide, we are seeing many strides in the local scene. Brew Bistro & Lounge offers premium draft beer in a casual and fine dining setting. It also brews a wide variety of its own craft beer, one of which we are focusing on today: Brew Bistro’s Simpils.

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Simpils recently scooped an award at the Global Craft Beer Awards held in Germany. Crafted by the Big Five Breweries at the Brew Bistro and Lounge in Nairobi, Simpils took silver in the Pils category of Lagers, second only to Iceland’s Brio brand.

About the beer

Simpils is a  medium bodied malt beer. It is brewed according to the German Purity Law; no wonder this beer continues to bag awards and appreciation from beer enthusiasts in town! This Pils is golden to straw coloured; it has a classic and complex taste, with some malt flavours, a dry finish, and a distinct flowery hops aroma. Pils is a pale type of lager; a modern pilsner has a very light, clear hue that ranges from pale to golden yellow with hop flavours and aromas. If you need help in identifying different types of beer, use our latest beer guide.


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