Quick and Easy Diwali Mithai Recipes

written by Jean Wandimi 22nd October 2014

No Diwali festival is complete without sweets, otherwise referred to as Mithai. During this celebration, people make sweets at home and share them with friends and family as a gesture of wishing them love and prosperity. During Diwali, many stores around the city, including Haandi Restaurant, will offer ready-made Mithai. But if you’re up for it, try making these at home!

Coconut Ladoo

Coconut laddos are sweets that are made with desiccated coconuts. It is a very easy recipe to make at home as it uses very few ingredients. The first step is to make the sugar syrup. This is done by mixing water and sugar until one gets a  thready consistency with the sugar. This should be done under a low flame. When  the sugar solution is ready, turn off the heat and add the desiccated coconut and cardamon powder. After the mixture cools, using your hands, roll it into balls with more coconut and serve!

ladoo 1

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Gajar Halwa

A Gajar halwa or a carrot halwa is one of the most famous halwa recipes. This is a classic Indian recipe that works for any celebratory occasion. This is an evergreen recipe that does not go out of style.  The first process is grating the carrots. Mix the carrots in almond milk (for vegans) or regular dairy milk. Put the pan on a fire and pour the mixture in. Let the mixture cook on a low flame to release flavours. When the carrots are cooked, add cardamon powder. Then add oil, ghee and sugar. After the mixture thickens, add raisins, almond paste, cashews and saffron. The carrot halwa can be served hot, warm or ice cold.



Kaju Katli

Kaju Katla is a cashew fudge and one of the most sought after sweets. Whether the Kaju Katla comes out well depends on the consistency of the cashew powder and the sugar syrup. The finer the powder and syrup are, the finer the sweet is. Make sugar syrup on a flame and add sieved cashew powder. You can use un-sieved sugar if you wish but it will be lumpy. Stir on a low flame as you break the lumps. Add a bit of rose water, ghee and oil into the mixture on a flat surface. Knead and flatten the dough on a tray. Place butter paper on the dough to smooth  the surface then cut into shapes. Serve them immediately or store in a fridge.

kaju katli 2


Gulab Jamun

This is a milk based dessert that looks like a dumpling. It is common in Nepal, Bangladesh, South Asia and India. It is made with flour, cardamon powder and butter. Milk is added to the mixture and it is kneaded until soft. The balls are rolled and deep fried until they are reddish brown in colour.


Sohan Papdi

This is an Indian dessert that is square in shape. It is crisp and flaky. It is made with flour, chick peas flour, milk and cardamon.



There are many recipes out there and the surprising thing is that they are so easy to make and the ingredients are readily available. Happy cooking!

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