Don Julio Partners With J’s for Halloween Masquerade Party

written by Yummy Team 4th November 2019

With the growing uptake of luxury tequila and appreciation of its superior quality, Don Julio sought to enhance the consumer experience by partnering with J’s Westlands for a one-of-a-kind Halloween Masquerade party.

Sally Okongo and Edwin Gachaga during the Halloween Masquerade party at J’s Westlands.

The Masquerade party offered an exceptional experience, with consumers dressing up as their favourite movie characters. J’s offered different stages where consumers enjoyed different genres of music; with DJ Fully Focus and DJ Paps on the decks. Consumers were offered custom-made Don Julio masks during the Halloween party.

“We have a growing family of Tequila lovers and we are thrilled with the opportunity to provide a richer brand experience during this special holiday,” said East African Breweries Limited Head of Reserve Brands, Nicholas Mutinda.

Josh Hirani, Jay Hirani during the Halloween Masquerade party at J’s Westlands.

Each bottle of Don Julio® Tequila is made from handpicked, 100% pure Blue Weber Agave plants, which can grow seven to ten years before harvesting. The maturity of the Agave results in the mellow, fully-developed agave flavour Don Julio® Tequila is known for. It is this attention to quality, craftsmanship and tradition that sets the Don Julio Tequila Brand apart from other tequilas and makes it the world’s finest luxury tequila.

El-Bar Grinberg, Georgia Smyth and Lauren Smyth during the Halloween Masquerade party at J’s Westlands

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