Dormans Kahawa Diaries

written by Fred Mwithiga 26th May 2015

Kahawa Diaries

Eric Wainaina is a popular Kenyan musician, caring husband, father and lover of good food. His notable releases include Kenya Only, Nchi Ya Kitu Kidogo and Selina. The way he takes his coffee reveals that he is bold and unafraid to experiment with new flavours both in the kitchen and in his music.

How do you take your morning coffee?

I like a good strong Dormans brew. I take that with toast, scrambled eggs and if I’m feeling good, some bacon.

What’s your creative process like?

I sit on the porch with a guitar and try come up with a melody and lyrics. Sometimes one comes before the other. There is a lot of rewriting.

What’s your favourite pastry?

I don’t treat myself to pastries as much as I should but I sure like a good Danish.

What’s your ideal way to take coffee after a meal?

I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day starting with an espresso in the morning, but not necessarily after meals. I generally stay away from it after late night dinners.

Where did you learn how to cook?

From my mum. She always stressed that she didn’t want us to end up marrying someone just because we didn’t know how to make a cup of coffee! By the time I could see over the sink, I was doing dishes. By the time I could see over the stove, I was cooking.

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