Your Dose Of Carlsberg To Help You Get Through The Day

written by Fred Mwithiga 1st October 2015

Bored at work? Nothing to do? Sales meeting taking longer than usual? You might want to prepare your serious face and try not to laugh too loud after you watch these hilarious Carlsberg videos. After generously exchanging luggage with beer cases at a London airport, Carlsberg is back at it with their ‘If Carlsberg did’ series, a witty take on why they are probably the best beer in the world.

Your Dose Of Carlsberg To Help You Get Through The Day

Don’t worry if you’re craving an ice cold Carlsberg right now. I am too. But with the Nairobi Pizza Festival only 3 days away, you’re going to love the fabulous 2 for 1 offer on pizza and Carlsberg at over 30 of Nairobi’s best restaurants. It gets better! With Uber and NPF joining forces, you’ll get 2 free Uber rides, each worth Ksh. 1000 to get you to the restaurant and back home! All you have to do is use the promo code: PIZZAFEST  and you’re on your way to eating to your fill.

Ready for a laugh? Here’s some Carlsberg for you!

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