Douglas Duncanson Talks Whisky and Shukas (VIDEO)

written by Andrew Onyango 8th December 2014

Love Whisky Picnic

Douglas Duncanson, the luxury brand ambassador for Diageo, gave us a rare one on one interview recently where he discussed his vision for whisky events in Kenya.

Speaking at The Whisky Picnic, which is an event co-founded by Nick Ravenhall, Douglas highlighted that whisky is and should be fun.

This event is one of a kind in that it may seem a bit pricey at first, but then we consider that for the cost, you are getting unlimited BBQ, 2 cocktails and a one of a kind brew of a malt whisky blend.

In this exclusive interview, Nick reveals two things you can use to silence whisky snobs. Watch carefully. You will love it.

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