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written by Katy Fentress 5th December 2017

With attention to detail, good ingredients and some fantastic international chefs, Aldar restaurant successfully recreates the experience of a Middle Eastern dining establishment on the riverfront of Two Rivers Mall.

Chicken Biryani has come a long way since its made its way into the modern repertoire of proudly Kenyan dishes. Truth is that this speckled orange rice dish — I never did understand why so many recipes require you to put food colouring into the rice — with its mildly spicy chicken cooked in a saucy tomato sauce and the ubiquitous accompanying banana, is so far removed from its original conception that a Kenyan diner might be forgiven if they did not recognise an Indian Biryani when they came across one.

While a Middle Eastern restaurant might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of places to go to enjoy a proper Indian Biryani, Aldar restaurant in Two Rivers Mall accomplishes this feat with suitable flair and attention to detail. The fragrance of the multilayered dish hits you like a blast of hot air as it is set on the table in front of you and before the waiter has even moved away, you find your hands reaching out, unable to resist the temptation of the crunchy fried onions scattered over the top of the aromatic dish. The Indian chef that was flown in straight from Hyderabad, one surmises exclusively to prepare the Biryani as it is one of the only Indian dishes on the menu, is definitely succeeding in making sure this one element of an otherwise extensive halal menu, holds up under scrutiny. And hold up it does.

“We’ve been open for five months and just wanted to make sure that all of our food is at the same level of our sister restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul” says owner Tariq Omar, who recognised that there is a lack of good quality restaurants with a elegant ambiance and a strictly halal menu on the burgeoning Nairobi food scene and decided that after decades of living in Dubai, he was the person to bring this food concept to the Kenyan capital.

The Indian Chef is not the only staff member Omar decided to fly in from abroad, the restaurant boasts both a Syrian and a Lebanese chef in charge of manning the grills and making sure all the classic Middle Eastern salads and dips don’t fall below the expectations of the establishment’s diners.  

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the expectation of alcohol and it’s comforting to know there are places to head to with family or friends that allow you the luxury of scrolling through an extensive juice menu instead of a wine one.

Set on the riverfront at Two Rivers Mall, Aldar restaurant is one of the classier joints in this mammoth size shopping mall and the only one of its kind in the food court


Yummy Editor Katy Fentress and her partner were guests of Tariq Omar’s at Aldar restaurant and they were served a feast worthy of a party of ten, the leftovers of which were enjoyed for days afterwards.


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