Beat The Cold With These Easy-to-Make Soups

written by Yummy Team 20th May 2019

We’re fast approaching the cold months of June and July. As you buy warm clothes and avoid going out, one of the best ways to keep warm is through food so we’ve gathered some great soup recipes you can prepare to beat the cold weather.  You can pair the soups with something as simple as garlic bread or meals.

Tomato Soup

It’s hard to resist tomato soup. It could be the freshness to it or the simplicity with it is to prepare. But maybe, just maybe, it has everything to do with the fact that it provides warmth to your body when you badly need it, like this month!

Get the recipe: tomato soup

Mushroom soup

We’ve used mushrooms in so many of our recipes. That means soup is definitely on the list of things to do with your mushrooms. The soup is great as a starter.

Get the recipe: mushroom soup 

Chicken soup

serving suggestion

We need more chicken in our lives. A good excuse is making chicken soup. This soup is known to only beat the cold weather but cure common flu and fever as well, ask your grandma if this isn’t true. You can serve your soup with noodles.

Get the recipe: chicken soup 

Sweet potato soup

We know you’ve had sweet potatoes for breakfast several times. Sweet potatoes could also be your breakfast staple. Let’s convince you to try a sweet potato soup for the chilly weather.

Get the recipe: sweet potato soup 

Butternut soup

Butternut squash is what you deserve. Okay, maybe not you but your palate and your cold body. As the soup melts in your mouth and gives you a kick, you will be thanking us.

Get the recipe: butternut soup 









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