Eat Out goes to Taiwan!

written by Tahir 2nd August 2012

So recently I left Kenya for a few weeks. “What?” You may say “Why the hell would you do that?” – Vacation really. And no I did not go to Dubai or London or Mumbai. In fact I went to Hong Kong – and if have read anything I have written before you would know that I LOVE ASIAN FOOD – To be more specific South East Asian food.

So I hopped on a plane – suffered the whole 13 hours next to a man that needed a breath mint – and presto I was in Hong Kong. Okay so this article is not about Hong Kong food, so let me skip ahead. I ended up at the Taiwan Embassy showed them my passport from which the reaction was – Where the Hell is Kenya?!? Are you a long distance runner? – My answer was obviously, yes – I am a long distance runner and I want to run around your country (Sarcasm). If you ever end up in Asia – just remember they don’t like sarcasm. Regardless I got onto a plane (China Air) and I was there before the movie finished.

View from Taipei 101 (Second Tallest Building in the World)

First thing I noticed when I got to Taipei – the people are really nice and friendly and it is REALLY HOT. (The people are quite hot too) So what food is Taiwan famous for? There are no Taiwanese restaurants in Nairobi so what could they possibly have different from China? Actually it is delightfully different. Taiwan is a melting pot of cultures – formally governed by the Japanese – they have a huge mixture of Chinese, Japanese and indigenous Taiwanese culture. (BTW – they still have tribes in Taiwan that hunt people’s heads for sport – so I did not go to where they live)

Thanks to the guidance of my friends Sebastian and Sarah that I know from university we ended up having world-class award winning beef noodle soup. Unlike traditional Chinese noodle or packet noodles – Taiwanese noodle are a bit uneven and look a little rough, they are also quite a bit thicker. Soaking in this amazing beef broth with spring onions and pieced of very tender melt in your mouth beef. I now understand why they won an award!


You can’t even imagine how good this tastes – Beef Noodle Soup

Taiwan is famous for Bubble Tea – in fact it is the birthplace of bubble tea. It is so readily available everywhere and is best with original flavor. I haven’t tasted better bubble tea in my life.


Original Bubble Tea!!

In the evening I hit the night markets in Danshui – where they actually had a Riverside Drive road (I live on Riverside Drive in Nairobi #cheapthrills). Instead of me explaining each dish check out the show bellow. The following day we headed to Jiufen – another popular place for Taiwanese food and culture check out the pictures bellow:


And a Big Thank You to Sebastian and Sarah – full credits to them… and of course me!!

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