Eating on The Streets of Thailand

written by Eugene Mburu 13th October 2014

Thai food has slowly but surely gone up the culinary ranks to become one of the most savored cuisines around the globe.  This cuisine is not only the love of foodies but also chefs who choose to use Thai influence to make their menu’s more attractive. More so, Thai street food to be specific is all the hype with culinary travelers the world over.

Not only is this food delectable, but it is fresh, of a good quality and clean. The ingredients and flavor profiles are diverse and exotic. The food is also very affordable and definitely the best way to experience Thailand’s culture, tradition and its people.



Tucked away in the crowded streets and alleyways of Thailand, the fragrant aromas are sure to pull you in for some of the most flavorful and authentic meals you have ever tasted. Most common meals on the street cart will be Red Curry, Thai Style Fried Noodles, Green Chicken Curry and Yam Nua which is a spicy beef salad. For the adventurous foodie, a few carts over, you can choose to sample more exotic and ‘out there’ ingredients such as deep fried frogs complete with bones and skins. But personally, I’ll pass on that for now.

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