EatOut Gets Some Ki.Chen!

by Kevin Wandu

Thank God for Ki.Chen! I hadn’t carried any lunch today so it feels like they answered my prayers. Neither did you eh? I’ll fill you in on how you can get yourself some Ki.Chen.

If fast food isn’t your thing or the office coffee always seems to get you into a foul mood, Ki.Chen are just what you need to sort the munchies out over your lunch break. Ki.Chen are a food delivery service. They prepare some really great, affordable, fresh food and will send it straight to your office.

EatOut Gets Some Ki.Chen!

They decided to surprise EatOut today. Amazing food I tell you. They sent over some Swahili Chicken Coconut Curry, Thai Chicken Noodle, Rice and Peanut sauce. It’s as if someone told them about my chicken addiction! The food was fresh, tasty and well prepared. They also have some vegetarian food too! You can have an Avocado, Feta and Pesto Sandwich paired with a Halloumi and Harissa Wrap

EatOut Gets Some Ki.Chen!

You know how you have to wait till 3pm for food that was supposed to be delivered at 1pm? No such thing with Ki.Chen. Our lunch arrived at 12.30! Thirty minutes before time. How’s that for a speedy delivery? They deliver till 4pm so should you feel like you need a late afternoon bite, ring them up!

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