EatOut Gets Surprise ArtCaffe Pastry Delivery

by Kevin Wandu

Early morning meetings can be made infinitely better with food. Tell your employees you have an 8AM meeting with coffee, tea and pastries, and people will be at the door by 7:55AM. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

We at EatOut had the fortune of having pastries delivered to our morning meeting today. We heard a soft knock on the door and when it was opened we all peered over our desks to see who it was. Low and behold it was a rider from ArtCaffe bearing tasty treats for the office!



ArtCaffe recently launched a new delivery menu that caters mini baked goods for birthdays, graduations, conferences, dinner parties… Basically whenever you want a large amount of freshly baked pastries. We got to try the mini cherry vanilla danishes, mini mushroom quiche, and mini blueberry muffins.

Want to get some of these delicious baked goods? Make sure to call 0709 202026 and place your order 48 hours in advance.

Check out their menu below!

Artcaffe menu


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