EatOut Travels The KFC Great Taste Tour

by Kevin Wandu

Nothing satisfies your fried chicken craving like KFCs signature fried chicken. The special marination and seasoning the chicken goes through, coupled with the meticulous frying and the all time freshness, you can agree with me that KFC chicken always does it for you.

Eatout travels through KFC's Great taste tour

Just like me, am sure every KFC chicken lover would jump at the chance of going for a taste tour of the kitchen of this great restaurant. All lovers of KFC chicken stand a chance to travel behind the scenes of the restaurant with the return of KFC’S Great Taste Tour. Experience how the impeccable fried chicken is prepared and learn what makes it so good!

We had the chance of getting into KFC Limuru Road branch kitchen and were taken for an exciting journey where we discovered how things work in the fast food restaurant.

EatOut travels KFC's great taste tour

EatOut Team with KFC Staff

The exciting tour which at some point landed us in the freezer whose temperatures are permanently -18 degrees celsius was informative as we got to understand why they sometimes make you wait for the food for ten minutes or more. The preparation activities that are usually going on behind the counter are extremely calculated hence the wait we often complain about. So next time you find yourself at any KFC branch and are asked to wait for ten  minutes for your order to be processed, do not complain,  instead, have a seat and wait patiently because once the chicken arrives it will be worth the wait.

KFC Great Taste Tour

Not only does KFC concentrate on making yummy chicken, their sanitization and hygiene standards are excellent. The staff in the kitchen have to wash and and sanitize their hands every thirty minutes-how’s that for cleanliness. Their chicken is also prepared in such a way that it has a short shelf life ensuring customers always get fresh meals as per their mantra to always deliver food that is hot and fresh.

Their storage sections are also divided, there’s a dry food section where you will find your sodas, and buns and the other section where you will find whole chickens as well as a section for vegetarian products. So you are rest assured your food will not be mixed up back there and for veg lovers, a separate storage for you guarantees quality vegetarian dishes.


Our awesome tour guide, Mr Pradeep, Regional Operations Manager refused to share the secret recipe as to why their chicken is oh so good. But oh well, we left with our stomachs full and our minds filled with knowledge. Lucky for you we documented every second of it so you can enjoy the journey as much as we did. Watch The Great Taste Tout video below.

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