EatOut’s Enchanted Weekend Escape At The Coast!

by Kevin Wandu

Life in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, can easily take a toll on anyone. Daily traffic, the constant pressure to beat deadlines and meet targets, attending numerous meetings trying to lock down clients, all while keeping up with your social life is likely to lead to a burn out which sometimes can only be cured by an out-of-town break. The serenity and tranquility of being away from Nairobi either in a resort or campsite is magical.


The EatOut team recently did just that: we shut down our laptops, packed our bags with sunhats, sunscreen and swimsuits and left  to enjoy a much deserved getaway at the coast. We stayed at the luxurious English Point Marina in Mombasa and visited a number of restaurants during our stay.

English Point Marina


Calling this home over the weekend was surreal.  Deluxe modern apartments with elegant décor and amazing views of the ocean and Mombasa skyline provided the perfect setting to unwind. In utter excitement to explore our home away from home when we arrived, we freshened up and headed straight for the pool. The pool’s deep blue colour, the view of the sea shimmering in the glorious sun rays in the horizon and the opera of the waves as they rose and fell was so soothing I just wanted to forget about my rumbling stomach and lie there allowing my thoughts to drift away and become one with the sea. At this point it was evident that my stay at English Point Marina was going to be a memorable one.

Café Mocha

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All freshened up, hungry and ready for the ultimate weekend, we headed out for lunch at Café Mocha at the Nyali Cinemax Complex. We were guided to the large patio of the brightly painted restaurant where we were briefed on what we would have. We sampled various chef-selected items from the vegetarian menu; cheese filled samosas, nachos, Mediterranean open faced sandwiches and pizza were our starters and main course dishes. For dessert, the thick sizzling brownie was a spectacle to behold as it sizzled succumbing to the hot chocolate poured over it.

Lido Restaurant At Sarova Whitesands


Chilled Tomato Bell Peppers Cucumber Espuma With chilli and Olive biscotti

Lido restaurant at Sarova Whitesands gave us a welcome that none of us will ever forget.  There was a  beautiful setup with an arc of fresh flowers at the entrance and a serenade by two talented gentlemen singing ‘zilizopendwa’ tunes to light up our evening. Throughout our dinner, the gentlemen kept us entertained and we found ourselves singing along to familiar tunes. We had a selection of dishes; smoked marinated salmon, grilled prawns, lobster and chicken.

Tamarind Mombasa

Perched on a cliff overlooking the old Mombasa harbor, Tamarind Mombasa stands proud in Arab style.  Raised by high arches gleaming elegance, it was the perfect restaurant to end our coast visit. Sipping on delicious Dawa cocktails, we watched the boats sail gracefully as the sun bathed us in its golden hues. Our menu featured a crab and avocado fiesta, asparagus and palm heart salad, peri peri prawns, highland prime beef fillet and the chocolate truffle for dessert. For a restaurant that is popular for seafood, their steak was generous and expertly prepared. Tamarind is indeed a seafood lover’s delight serving full flavoured freshly caught meals.


The holidays are a few weeks away and if you are looking to travel to the coast, these restaurants will give you a taste of freshly caught seafood that will leave you wanting more.

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