Enjoy Delicious BBQ Under The Sky With Golden Grills

written by Jeannette Musembi 20th November 2013

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Kenyans love their meat-there’s no doubt about that. So here comes an event that is sure to get your belly warm and full to the new year.

Welcome to the Golden Grills Super Party Saturday dubbed ‘Under The Sky’, which is a Live band music, video Dj, Live barbecue event to be held at the PAWA 254 rooftop at Africa Alliance building along State House Crescent on November 30th.

Golden Grills is popularly known for its core business, an online restaurant that provides convenient service to tits clients. Customers are able to order for their meals and drinks online and have them delivered to their homes and offices free of charge.

They also focus on professional grilling services which include elaborate menus of various meats such as chicken, beef, lamb, pork, rabbit and goat all of which are either grilled or stir-fried.

So picture this. An exciting open air event, secluded and with great ambience. Golden Grills have put together all things nice to ensure its a perfect grown up party that you will love.

They only have 300 invites which are on sale at ticketsasa.com, Pawa254 and Golden Grills restaurant at Poravim shopping complex Langata.

This is their maiden event for the first of many monthly events and are targeting a mature, sophisticated fun loving audience. Do you think you fit the description?

The event set up will also come complete with a whiskey lounge, cocktail bar and exquisite lighting.

Save the date and keep up with the news of this awesome event on their Facebook Page HERE

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