Enjoy A Multi-Cuisine Experience At Royal Kitchen

written by Business Daily 25th April 2014


Inside the Pride Inn hotel and conference complex, on Westlands Road, is Royal Kitchen, a multi-cuisine, casual restaurant.

It features Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes. We decided to try a few classic dishes from each. The seating areas, both indoors and outdoors, were basic but clean and comfortable.

Service was accommodating. We weren’t quite sure what sauce accompanies what dish, still the meal was good especially from the Indian menu, which was better than expected for the setting and price.

Handi ya Gosht stood out with its rich, spicy sauce of complex flavours including garlic, ginger, onions, cashews, and garam masala.

The mutton was tender, cooked in yogurt, and done just right. The Indian prawns were somewhat chewy and overcooked.

Each dish was served with a burning fire, to keep it warm, but continued to cook the meal and soon we saw smoke coming from the sizzling prawns.

The dipping sauces included sweet & sour, which seemed more gelatinous than I’d prefer, as well as the spicy chilli and yogurt.


From the Chinese menu, Sweet & Sour Soup with Chicken had just the right punch of spice, and combination of flavours to start the meal on a positive note.

The young Chow fried rice was tasty and filling, with egg, chicken, prawns and vegetables mixed in to a generous portion of fried rice.

This, along with a vegetable dish of broccoli and snow peas, made for a solid and hearty meal.

The soy sauce for the vegetables was much thicker and less soy flavoured than expected, but when mixed with the rice it made a tasty combination. We were surprised to find spicy green chillies in the dish, but the flavour elevated the otherwise bland sauce.

Cream of Mushroom soup was found on the Chinese menu though suited for the continental one, served with buttery garlic toast.

Chicken Kiev from the Continental menu was better than anticipated, the chicken moist and flavourful from the garlic butter stuffing. The breading was more of a tempura style and slightly oily. Served with Masala Chips, which were also a bit oily but nicely spiced.


For dessert, we settled on Toffee Banana for the Chinese, Gajar Halwa – warm, shredded sweet carrots with almonds- for the Indian, and a simple fruit plate topped with vanilla ice cream for the Continental.

For a quick meal to satisfy a group with a variety of palates, Royal Kitchen delivers value in a convenient and tranquil setting.

The outdoor seating is especially pleasant as a respite from the traditional office space, providing enough shade and a breeze to enjoy a hot lunch on a typical Nairobi afternoon.

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