Exclusive One On One Interview With ‘Fine Wine Show’ Organiser- Nicci Pain

written by Jeannette Musembi 22nd November 2013

When appropriately paired, wine and food have the ability to enhance each other’s flavours, making them more pronounced, and render the entire taste experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one.

To sample 90 kinds of wines, make your way to the Fine Wine Show at the Southern Sun MayFair in Westlands, Nairobi on 30th November 2013.

Starting from 5pm to 10pm, there will definitely be a lot of wine, unlimited bitings and entertainment. Charges are Kshs 3,200 per person which includes a brand crystal wine glass for free.

We caught up with one of the organisers behind the event, Nicci Pain, to bring you this exclusive interview. She gives us an overview of what the event is really about and the inspiration behind it.


How many editions have there been so far?

2013 is the 5th year.


Have they been successful?

Very, it’s such an awesome, small, upmarket event.  People really enjoy learning about new wines.


What inspired the concept behind fine wine show? 

People in Kenya are always saying there is no good wine available, so I wanted to showcase all the great wines that ARE in Kenya.  Because these wines are not available at the supermarkets, I needed to put the consumer in touch with the importers directly.




How many exhibitors do you normally work with?

This year is our biggest, we have 13 exhibitors and 5 partners.


Why did you choose Kenya as a place for the event as opposed to any other regions in Africa(are we wine lovers, are we a fertile market)? 

I lived in Kenya from 2006 until 2012, so I was right in the market and able to understand what visitor to the show would enjoy.  And Kenya has a very advanced African wine culture, as many people travel and have studied in wine drinking and producing countries.


Why should people (Kenyans) cultivate an appreciation for wine?

More knowledge of wine equals more enjoyment.  There is a wine to suit everybody’s taste, and the FINE WINE Show is a great place to find your new favourite.




What new things should people expect from this edition 30th November?

Many new exhibitors, so much more wine to choose form!


Are there plans to make it an even bigger event?

No. it will remain exclusive, this is not a mass market kind of event.

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